What is Offshore Software Development ?

The word ‘offshore’ would mean that you can carry out your business operations in a remote manner.

Offshore software development takes place when you outsource your software development project to a team located in any other country from yours.

Offshore software development is the process of utilizing the services of a team located in a remote location to develop software for use in your home country.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development

No new infrastructure required:

A huge advantage of hiring an offshore software development company is that you do not need to create and manage a development team at all. Project start-up can take off more quickly if you do not need to consider the infrastructure and the setup of your own development center.


Offshore development allows you to hire dedicated offshore developers at reasonable and affordable rates. This, in the end, manages to maximize profits. Apart from the monthly savings on operational overheads, it helps you to save big on setup cost and capital expenditure. No need to worry about personal space, HR team, and other laborious tasks. Pay as long as your project assignment is under development.

More Focus on Your Core Business Activities:

When you associate yourself with a dedicated offshore development company, you will get a team of developers, designers, and a project manager. So, your offshore developers will be responsible to deliver you the quality software. All you have to do is coordinate with the project manager. This will help your company to focus on core practices without the additional stress of running and managing the development of your product.

Shared responsibility:

You get to share the responsibility with your team. Offshore companies would help you to manage the entire project risks. That would help them to depend on the final result.

Quality of Service:

If you are working with a dedicated offshore team for your project, you can stay rest assured about the quality. Because your team will be dedicatedly working towards achieving the one single goal, rather than working on multiple projects.


You need not depend on training or administration. Outsourcing companies would allow you to stay at the top of the game.

Pay for what you use:

You would just require to pay for what skills you are going to utilize. The people would have the skillset in less than two areas. This would allow them to do tasks in a better manner.

End-to-end services:

From documentation to maintenance, you get full support from the                             team.

Disadvantages of Offshore Development

Communication & language Issues:

When working with a company from a different country, it’s usually safe to assume that most people on your team speak English as a second language. When working with someone who natively speaks another language, this can make communication and collaboration a unique challenge even if they speak English with relative proficiency.

Time zone differences:

One of the biggest disadvantages of offshoring is time zone differences. Many offshoring companies operate within a 5-12 hour difference from their client, meaning work schedules may need to be adjusted to accommodate your offshore partner.

The risk of exposing confidential information:

Many operations you might want to offshore involve handling sensitive information, potentially exposing your company to the risk of data theft. Thus, there is a need to implement security standards and strategies on your end Like, NDA sign.

Demands more coordination:

It’s harder for an outsourcing team to understand your vision and all the details of your processes, so you need frequent meetings and checkpoints to stay on the right track.

How to Embrace Offshore Software Development

  1. Get introduced to all offshore developers
  2. Arrange for daily meetings using videoconferencing
  3. Build small, but highly skilled team
  4. Use appropriate software development tracking tools.
  5. Have a full-time onshore and offshore team lead

Criteria for choosing offshore software development company:

  1. Communication
  2. English Proficiency
  3. Agility
  4. Culture Fit
  5. Company Size
  6. Pricing
  7. Expertise
  8. Knowledge Transfer AKA KT
  9. NDA

That's all for now. There are also some other factors which can not be covered in one blog post. But I think this should suffice for you to get started.

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